by Chris Noran

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Oceaner (n)–one who wanders or is lost.

Music and lyrics by Christopher Noran.
Lyrics on Track 7 by Ben Woodward and Christopher Noran.
Cello by August Posch.
Vocals, guitar, organ, piano, harmonica, bowed guitar, and saxophone by Christopher Noran.
Field recording by Christopher Noran in Westford, MA.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at G4 Studios by Christopher Noran.
Cover art entitled "Deep Water" by Christopher Noran.


released August 15, 2014

Thanks to August Posch, Ben Woodward, Derek Feehrer, Mikkk for listening, Erik Vegeto, Sean, Erica, Kara, Mom & Dad, Jim, Jeff, Rick and Dorothy Posch, George Arsenault, Michael Towers, Greg Khederian, Amy and Tim Woodward, Gary, David Lussier, Tara Scanlon, and all at the Parish community for supplying a venue to test drive these songs, Tom Griffin and his crew, Jill Karatkewicz for all you've all done.



all rights reserved


Chris Noran Massachusetts

☦. ☦. ☦,

Chris Noran is songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Salem, MA. His first LP, Oceaner, was released on August 15, 2014. His second, Grow Out, recorded with a full band, was released on April 11, 2017.

He plays live shows both with a band and solo.
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Track Name: Save Yourself
Yes, my heart's been broken,
And my veins have bled.
Anything we still feel,
It will go unsaid.
Don't think you can make a home here,
Or keep the wolves fed.
They'll be circling around your sleepin head.
Don't get up from bed now,
Rest your pretty head.
They will burn your house down,
With you left for dead.

And you're stuck inside with fire raging,
And there's no one to blame for the problems you're facing.

And with every last breath you cry for help.
Why can't you just get up and save yourself?
Save yourself.
Track Name: Paris
I'm gonna take it all in
Feel the rain on my skin
This pain I'm facing
Is overtaking me
Flooding the city streets

As the sky clears with hope
I'm raining down on your coat
These teardrops
I'm easily shaken off

The sun lights up the sky
The moon is smiling so bright
It's twelve past midnight
Your ghost will come alive
In the night

Memories of a swing
Onto your life I cling
I lost you in the spring
When church bells ring
And Angels above sing your name

They sing your name.
Track Name: Always Away
I know that I’ve lost it
Deep in the sand
Winter River
Cracked and cold in our hands

And gasoline spreads
Like thoughts through my head
All I knew
Walked out the door with you

I’ve come to see
My greatest tragedy
I’ve come to realize
The biggest mistake of my life

When will I find a way out
Take me away.
Track Name: 1000 Waves
He was born into the depths of the ocean,
All above were 1000 Waves crashing.
All he felt was the weight, all he couldn't escape.
Oh he felt her embrace the heartbreak.

She never loved anyone but herself.
She screamed out into the mirror up on her shelf.
She cried out "Is there anyone here but me?"
Looked around, saw the room was empty.

She was lonely.
She was lonely.
By herself or with anybody else,
She was alone.

It was the American heartbreak that put him away,
It was an underwater earthquake.
The place he always thought was safe drifted away,
Lost to the ocean waves,
Far from this place,

Far from this day,
Far from our way.
She was alone.
Track Name: Drowning with a Smile
I get up on my feet
As universes whistling past
We try so hard
To grip and grasp
They move at one million miles per hour
And we’re still amazed somehow.
Omen showers are raining down
It’s a dark and cloudy day
Hell is coming our way
In the rain
What do you think is next?
An unpleasant wreck?
Or an accident?

It comes as no surprise
That karma’s always right
An eye for an eye
Makes the whole world blind
And you’re drowning with a smile do you feel alright?
And you’re drowning with a smile do you feel it now?
The constant spin makes us weak within.
But we have time oh we have time.
That’s the biggest lie.
We’re living in oblivion.
We’re seeing from an eye within.
Track Name: Kin
If death can offer me what she never could,
Then I’ll take it on the chest like I know I should.
If I am the single one to blame,
Then I too will engulf myself in flames.
I came to find my kin,
I came to wash away sin,
I came to do everything I can,
I’m not leaving till I got the boy by the hand.
I’m sorry that I could never save you,
I’m sorry I never tried.
The fire painted your body,
Screaming, you were still alive.
So aim your guns oh aim your guns at me.
I’m never gonna leave.
I’m gonna stick it out to the end.
I owe that to, I owe it to my friend.
Track Name: Mirror
I looked into the mirror the other day,
I saw my reflection and wished it away.
But you can’t do that son,
You’re gonna be the only one left.

And you’re sitting on the corner, smoking your last cigarette,
And I’m laying in my room, thinking of last regrets.
When you got a head like mine you don’t need anybody else,
Just a stack of magazines, and a bottle of wine up on the shelf.

You took my last breath and you threw it away,
Shot yourself in the head with a shot of cocaine.
Caught up in a haze,
You waste your days away.

Don’t speak of god’s grace,
You’re way out of place.
This frame of mind in hindsight,
Was not all mine; you share some of the limelight.

You’re waiting on the corner about to end it all,
I’m passed out in my room, wondering if I can stand at all.

You’re addictive,
You’re bringing me down.
You’re destructive,
You spin my world around.
Track Name: 112
Last night you pulled me aside,
Looked me in the eye,
Said, "In my last life,
I was a dog at your side,
You were a farmer,
And led the quiet life.
The leaves would fall,
And it would turn cold every year.
But you were ready,
You were prepared,
And I spent nights keeping you alive."

You were there the whole night.
You were there right by my side.
You were there the whole damn time.
You were there to save my life.
Track Name: Cuts on Scars
Midnight strikes hard,
And it’s suddenly twelve.
You’re wasting at the bar,
Falling down by yourself.

How far do you think you’ll get,
Running with a broken heart in the dark?
How could you have gotten out of that mess?
You couldn’t have babe, you just don’t know it yet.

Saxophone is talking to your heart,
You feel the tears coming at the start,
Paris rain is falling down hard.
Cuts on scars.

It starts it starts it starts,
This time we’ll make it through just fine.
It’s just cuts on scars & cuts on scars.

Run run run run run run run run run
Away in the dark

Swim deeper now,
To find out
You could never get out.

It’s the end of now,
It’s not the end of the world.
Track Name: Lake Champlain
You swim that way and I will swim the other way,
And somewhere in the middle we shall meet.
This lake is not big enough for the both of us,
So open your dams and let you water free.
I said Don’t give a damn and live your life carefree,
And see what happens when we meet.

Low, we hit a low.
We were lost, floating alone.
Wanderer, how much longer
Can you roam before coming home?

So you look that way and I will look the other way,
And suddenly we’ll see where we should be.
Don’t stare up and don’t you feel down,
Just look out from your tiny place on the ground.
There’s so much there, there’s so much to be found,
So leave me now, leave me now, and drown.

We, we will rise, to see the rise and fall
Of the Oceaner, not lost at all.
And we will ride on, ride on, forevermore.