from by Chris Noran

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(The story of a man at the end of his life, at his wife's funeral, looking back.)


I remember sitting there in your grave
I remember when your hair was growing grey
I remember all those long hard days
When you couldn’t even remember my name

I remember sitting there, in your chair
I sat out the hours, and out the window you’d stare

I remember when the days were so much easier then
And then you couldn’t work, and we just watched the money get spent
And I remember how it could have been
But we were younger then and thought things were as they’re meant

And I remember that we could have gone our ways
And I remember meeting at the park in those days
And I remember, but I couldn’t see it just right
And I remember you were going blind

And you thought you were dying
And I thought there was no way we could try it
I think it worked out in the end :)
Yeah I remember when we tried being friends

And I remember sitting there on that park bench
I remember trying to speak words that could’ve made sense
I tried so hard in those days
But you always seemed to stand in my way

I looked into your eyes, and thought I saw a dying light
I thought I found what I’ve been looking for, all my life
And I thought we would walk down the aisle
And now that it’s happened, I haven’t seen you in a while

I remember when we were 16 at the prom
I remember asking you in that auditorium vom
I remember looking at you, yeah you're the one for me
How could it happen, oh, how could it be?

I looked at you, and held your hands, and said well that’s the end
I thought I couldn’t go on, so I wrote you a song
Played it for you on that evening
When you thought that I was leaving

In that bed, with your mother upstairs
On the last day, we could feel the summer in the air
I remember crying on the blanket on the beach
I remember thinking just how the two of us could meet
I remember you crying in my shirt
I remember sitting there just smiling, covered in dirt

And I remember as a child
We’d get off the bus and sit and talk awhile
I remember in the yard
When the world was so big and so far apart

Oh, but so far, our story’s gone on
And mine alone, seems to be a little bit too long
I remember how it could have been, and how it never was
I remember dreams of New York City, and a tour bus

But in that school yard, on that autumn day
We found out that we couldn’t ever part ways
No matter how hard we tried
Things seemed to end up alright.



from Grow Out, released April 11, 2017
Lyrics—Christopher Noran
Vocals, guitar—Christopher Noran
Mixed by Mitchell Cohen



all rights reserved


Chris Noran Massachusetts

☦. ☦. ☦,

Chris Noran is songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Salem, MA. His first LP, Oceaner, was released on August 15, 2014. His second, Grow Out, recorded with a full band, was released on April 11, 2017.

He plays live shows both with a band and solo.
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